Painting Holidays

Painting in Taroudant, Morocco

Taroudant, Morocco. October 2010
Fiona and critic
October 2010

We were based in the town of Taroudant in the south west of the country. Taroudant is sometimes referred to as the ‘Grandmother of Marrakech’. It is a much quieter place than Marrakech and is the ideal place to experience and capture the colour and atmosphere of Morocco.

Our hotel was a converted palace within the town’s ramparts. Its gardens are luxuriant, cool and shaded and the en-suite rooms are large. The service is excellent and the whole experience is one of calmness and tranquility.

As well as painting in the hotel gardens and around the town, the holiday included some trips to the peaceful villages on the edge of the Atlas Mountains, where we observed and experienced Moroccan village life. There were plenty of varied painting subjects including the markets, gardens, architecture and people.

We dined in several local restaurants, some of them exceptional, especially chosen by our guide, Alice.

Taroudant 2010